For All You Do…This Blog’s For You!

Why do people write blogs? Here are the top 10 reasons from

  • To Share Knowledge
  • Hobby/Interest in Writing
  • Networking
  • Digital Nomad Lifestyle
  • Fame/Popularity
  • For Making Money
  • Advertising and Branding
  • To connect with like-minded people
  • To create awareness or get your voice heard
  • Self Promotion and build your personal brand
  • To find new jobs

Perhaps a more interesting question is,

“Why do you READ blogs?”

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Only you can answer this question and I would love to read your comments.

You see, my reason for writing this blog is to provide you with what you want to read.

“Wait a moment,” you’re thinking. “There must be some ulterior motive.”

Guilty as charged, although Merriam-Webster defines ulterior motive as a “secret reason”. With the desire for full disclosure, here are my reasons for writing this blog.

  • I enjoy learning new skills. (Even WordPress)
  • I enjoy researching new ideas. (From philosophy to science.)
  • I enjoy sharing these ideas with others. (Without the desire to have you change.)
  • I have learned a lot of useful and humorous things. (I would like to share.)
  • I enjoy creative writing and would like to share some with you.
  • I enjoy teaching and hope some of what I teach will benefit you.

Reviewing the original list, I have some clarifying comments:

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  • To Share Knowledge – Absolutely.
  • Hobby/Interest in Writing – Indeed.
  • Networking – We can all help one another.
  • Digital Nomad Lifestyle – Absolutely NOT! I have a life away from the keyboard.
  • Fame/Popularity – We all want to be noticed, but not very important to me.
  • For Making Money – Also nice, but I’m doing fine, thank you.
  • Advertising and Branding – Maybe someday when I publish.
  • To connect with like-minded people – Absolutely. It’s so much fun!
  • To create awareness or get your voice heard – Not as an activist. But if you are reading, you are hearing my voice.
  • Self Promotion and build your personal brand – Again, maybe slowly over time.
  • To find new jobs – No, no… I’m trying to be a retired person.

So, again I ask, “Why do you READ blogs?”

I am so happy your are here. Please leave your comments below.

And please spread the word.

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