Rockelina Farm Book Club

Greetings and welcome to the Rockelina Farm Book Club. The members of the book club are me and the three residents you see above. From the front of the row are Huey, Dewey and, you guessed it, Louie. 

These three are dedicated to the club and you will often find them standing in their discussion circle. Huey tends to take the lead in discussions just as he does in the water. When there is confusion over what to do, the group turns to Huey for leadership.

Dewey has the best book smarts. He is very well-read and adds facts, figures, and trivia to the discussions. Dewey always has a suggestion for the next book to read.

Louie is kind and sensitive. We all appreciate the perspective he brings to the group. When Huey has an idea, Louie will often question the validity and call upon Dewey for factual information.

We are currently reading and discussing Stay With Me by Becky Wade. We should be done in a couple of weeks and will share our thoughts with you then. So far, the group is enjoying the book immensely. Here’s a short sample:

“Happy Halloween.” Sam’s voice. His Australian accent rippled over her like satin.

She twisted to find him standing nearby, fingers pushed into the front pockets of his jeans, a gray athletic shirt hugging his shoulders.

“Happy Halloween.” She looped a finger inside the neck of Owen’s Spider-Man costume. She didn’t want to get sucked into a Sam vortex and fail to notice her nephew toddling out of the church toward the nearest busy street.

“Are you dressed as a . . .” He pushed his lips to the side, considering. “Russian folk singer?”

She laughed, which felt like a gift in the face of the uneasy feeling she’d been carrying since she’d seen the yearbook photo of her parents. She indicated her braids, jewel-toned cape, full skirt, lace-up boots. “Really? You don’t know who I am?”


“I’m Anna from the movie Frozen.” Her costume wasn’t a cheap knock-off. It was legit. After she and Natasha had decided to dress as Elsa and Anna, her sister had rented these costumes for them.

“Never saw it.”

“Frozen was something of a cultural phenomenon.”

“Among who?”

“Females worldwide.”

“Anna!” a little girl called, pointing at Genevieve as she ran past.

“See?” Genevieve said wryly.

Wade, Becky. Stay with Me (Misty River Romance, A Book #1) (pp. 276-277). Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

When we return, we will share our thoughts on the book and Becky’s writing style.

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