Where in the World is JD Rockel?

Greetings, bloggies. It has been a busy week of travel that has kept me off the blogosphere. I got to enjoy the near freezing temperatures of Iowa in the spring. I’m sorry to those of the frozen tundra, but I don’t miss it.

(BTW… I looked for a term that described people who read blogs. I found “blog”, “blogger”, “blogging”, “bloggy”, “bloggiest”, “bloggerati”, “blogland”, and “blogosphere”, but not words to represent the most important element of blogging, you the readers. So, I chose “bloggies” which is also the name for the Weblog Awards. If you would prefer, I will use “bloggees”. Just let me know in the comments.)

I have a couple of quick items to share. First, I appreciate each one of you that returns to see what’s new here. Please share this site with someone even if it’s not your favorite. It may turn out to be theirs.

Next, some of you may have seen a notice for the “Spring Planting” blog but didn’t find it. The short version of the long story is that I removed it temporarily. It will return with some questions for you. As I posted earlier, this blog’s for you, and I want its content to nourish you in some way.

The ducks and I have finished reading Becky Wade’s Stay With Me. We are discussing the best way to present our impressions with you but I will share that we give the book three feathers and a thumb up.

Finally, I have not forgotten the journey into world religions. You will see the first offering on the subject this week. (OK, it’s not a promise, but I will try very hard.)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone.

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