Book Review: Stay with Me by Becky Wade

Welcome to the first Rockelina Farm Book Review.

“Like Papa Bear in the Goldilocks story, Sam Turner had discovered a strange woman sleeping in the bed of a house he owned.”

p. 8

This sentence begins Stay With Me by award-winning author Becky Wade.

Stay With Me is a contemporary romance novel. It is 396 pages in print and is available in hardcover or paperback. We all read the Kindle version, though I had my concerns about letting the ducks have e-readers near the pond. Stay with Me is the first book in Becky Wade’s Misty River series.

Here is how our conversation went:

Louie: I love a good, heart-pounding romance novel.

Huey: That’s all you read, Louie.

Louie: Not true. I just like romances the best. When you get to the part where you know the two main characters are meant for each other, your heart just melts.

JD: That would be Genevieve Woodward and Sam Turner. Genevieve is a well-loved women’s Bible study author. She tours the country giving inspirational talks.

Sam owns a farm and runs a coffee house where he serves freshly baked pastries each morning.

Gen returns to her hometown in the Blue Ridge Mountains to investigate an anonymous letter she received implying her parents were guilty of some deep, dark secret. Successful people like Gen need to keep up appearances. In Gen’s case, this meant hiding a secret from her fans. She is physically affected by this secret and pulls off the road during the night before reaching her parent’s home. She falls asleep in Sam’s unoccupied cottage.

Dewey: This book is all about secrets. Gen’s got a secret, Sam’s got a secret, and Gen’s parents have a secret.

Louie: A lot of secrets.

JD: Gen and her sister Natasha investigate their parent’s past in search of clues. This leads them to a well-publicized murder the details of which are sparse.

Louie: And through it all, Gen and Sam fall in love.

Huey: Oh, give it a rest Louie.

JD: Yes, but all good romances have bumps in the road.

Dewey: These bumps nearly derailed the romance trolley.

Huey: You’re mixing metaphors again, Dewey.

“Relationships were painful and messy and beautiful and important. The mess came with the beauty. The pain came with the importance. That was life.”

p. 374

JD: Settle down guys. Who wants to comment on the writing style?

Dewey: I was fascinated by how Becky intertwined the many storylines. Especially the way she used mini-chapters to tell Gen’s childhood backstory.

Louie: The backstory was perhaps as riveting as the main story.

JD: Well said, Louie. I agree, Becky is superb at intertwining every aspect of the story. Plot, sub-plot, backstory, history, they all flow beautifully together. It was hard to put the book down. 

Huey: You mean tablet, JD.

JD: True. At least I never lost my place while reading.

Louie: One other thing. Becky’s ability to describe each detail of a scene was amazing. 

Dewey: I agree. There were times when I wondered if the dialog would resume. Don’t get me wrong, it always drew me deeper into the story. 

Huey: If this was a movie, I would definitely watch it again to get all the details.

Louie: It was so wonderful, I know I will read it again.

JD: So to wrap this up, the romance was good; the mystery about Gen’s parents was riveting; the back story tugged at our heartstrings; the pain being held onto by each of the characters was ultimately released through honesty and forgiveness…

Louie: And they lived happily ever after.

JD: We don’t know that, Louie. We will have to read the rest of the Misty River books to find out what happens. Thanks, guys. I appreciate all your insight. Enjoy some quiet time in the pond.

But we all agree it was a great read. We give it three feathers and one thumb up.

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