Memorial Day

I wish to take a moment and remember the sacrifices of those who have protected our freedom at great sacrifice. While Memorial Day focuses on our military, as it ought, I want to also honor those whose sacrifice was the result of the military in their family.

The spouses, parents, and children of those who serve our country should also be thanked. This I now do for I recognize the hard work they have done. Thank you to the parents for instilling values into your children that they chose to serve our country. Thank you to the spouses for supporting your loved one whether on base or away on deployment. Thank you to the children in military families for accepting a difficult upbringing when your mom or dad was deployed.

And to everyone who knows service personnel who have been injured or killed serving our country, I sympathize with the pain their loss brings to you. Let us all recognize that for those who have been injured, the injury may be physical or it may be mental. Our brain is the most complex organ in our bodies and the impact of trauma on our brains must not be ignored. Please be patient and kind to anyone who suffers due to trauma.

In conclusion, we should remember, thank and support those who risk their lives and the wellbeing of their families to protect us. To that end, I acknowledge all law enforcement, our healthcare workers, our teachers and so many other vocations that positively impact our daily lives. But, of course, this weekend brings into focus those in our military who have paid the ultimate price of their lives for our safety and freedom.

To all who have served, thank you.

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