Book Review – A Husband for Christmas

I have mentioned my author-friend Susan M. Baganz before and she is releasing a new Regency based novella. I had the privilege of reading it before it is released on Amazon October 14. You can pre-order it now.

Susan M. Baganz

This was my first Regency read. I started another of Susan’s Regency novels but was pulled away. After reading A Husband for Christmas, I’m ready to try again.

What a wonderfully fun, quick read it is. At only 79 pages, I finished in a couple relaxing evening. There are words from the Regency England period (1811-1820) that I had to look up, but context was usually enough to make them understandable.

From the book jacket:

Miss Adelia Donovan’ s mother decides that it is time for her daughter to have a season. Addy resists the notion, but her stepfather’ s heir, Lord Oliver Westcott, encourages the endeavor. Little does Addy expect to feel excitement at the prospect of gaining a husband—and disappointment when the one man she wants to court her shows more interest in setting her up with others than pursuing her himself.

I strongly suggest you NOT read the rest of the synopsis. As short as the story is, you will quickly see where it is going. No sense ruining the fun. For the same reason, I am breaking the rules of book reviews and NOT telling you any more.

Whether you love Regency books or just want a heart warming story to read, don’t pass this book up. A Husband for Christmas will be a book you pick up at least once a year.

I give this book a very fancy 5-star rating. At only $2.99 for the e-book, it’s almost free. Please share this with a friend.

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