Mirror Mirror – Chapter One (B)

Mirror Mirror – Chapter One (B)

I hope you enjoyed the first half of Chapter One. We will continue with the second half. In the next post I will provide all of Chapter Two. As you will see, things start to… More

I hope you enjoyed the first half of Chapter One. We will continue with the second half.

In the next post I will provide all of Chapter Two. As you will see, things start to get interesting. While writing I tried to keep each Chapter to about 2,000 words. After you read Chapter Two, I will post a combination of the two chapters. I would love your comments on whether the two can / should be combined or not. Regardless, here is the rest of Chapter One.

Mirror Mirror


JD Rockel

Chapter One (B)

Ella and Rosa left the line and walked around the end of the table. Walking behind Mrs. Jenkins they passed through double doors. Turning right, they walked through the commotion looking for any clue of where to go. Ella pulled Rosa into a corner, as out of the way as she could.

“Stop here Rosa.” Ella’s heart was beating hard within her chest and her short breaths quickened. “Let’s talk for a minute.”

“Sure, what’s up?”

“You’re my sister, right?”

“Of course, Ella. Why even ask that?”

Ella glanced around. “I’m sorry, but I’m a little freaked out right now and I don’t want anyone to notice.”

“That’s kind of hard with all the kids around, Ella.”

“I know but I’m finding it hard to breathe and my heart’s pounding. I don’t know why. I guess I expected something different when we first got here. All the confusion and the thought of meeting new people is exciting but overwhelming. I expected you to be my support, but we’ve been put in separate classrooms. How can you support me, sis?”

“I am supporting you right now. It’ll be OK. Remember what the youth pastor said when we were on summer retreat? He said that we will always encounter times in our life when we want to freak out. But God knows what we are going through, and He has already prepared a solution for us. Try to trust Him.”

“That’s easy to say but I don’t feel any better.”

“Close your eyes…” Ella hesitated. She rubbed her arms as if she was cold. “I feel silly, Rosa.”

“Trust me. Close your eyes…” Ella surveyed her surroundings once more and then closed her eyes.

“Take some slow deep breaths and listen to my voice. In through the nose… out through the mouth.” Rosa made breathing noises so Ella could follow the slow rhythmic timing. “Mom and Dad and the people at Orchard Hill have prepared us for being here. We’re OK. I will be by your side whenever I can. And if I must leave, Jesus will never leave you.”

Ella’s breathing began to slow. It didn’t take long, and she opened her eyes. With the best smile she could muster, Ella looked at Rosa. “Thanks, sis. You’re the best. What do we do first?”

“Let’s find our lockers.”

Rosa opened her packet and pulled out the map of the school. “This doesn’t help us find the lockers,” she said.

Ella scanned the hall. The lockers were clean and nicely painted but with a drab institutional blue-gray. 621, 622, 623 on one side and 535, 536, 537 on the other. “What are our locker numbers?”

“Mine is 213,” Rosa said looking at the label on her packet.

Checking her own packet, Ella said, “Mine is 212. I guess we should find another hallway.”

“There was a hallway on the right when we first came in,” Rosa offered. “Let’s retrace our steps past the registration tables and try that hallway.”

They walked together through the throng of students, many looking as confused as Ella felt. The girls continued past the tables and were able to avoid the arriving students. Turning left, they passed the main office. Once they got to more classrooms Ella searched for locker numbers again.

“The one hundred numbers are on this side,” she said pointing to the right.

Rosa called out from Ella’s left. “Over here, Ella.” They walked past the first classroom door.

Ella avoided several students as she crossed over and counted, “210, 211, 212 and 213. I guess these are ours.”

The lockers didn’t have locks on them. The information they received in the mail a month ago provided a list of items to bring on the first day. Combination locks for the lockers were item one. The girls had purchased them and practiced the combinations together in their bedroom. At their last school, the sisters agreed they should memorize the combinations to each other’s locks. They anticipated it would come in handy someday.

Each girl removed a lock from their mostly empty backpacks. They worked the combinations and affixed the locks to the lockers.

“OK, Ella. Get your bearings. We should remember where our lockers are.”

Ella slowly turned around surveying the crowded hall. “This part is easy. We are near the main entrance. Now, what about classrooms?”

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