Mirror Mirror: Chapter 5

No, I haven’t gone into orbit. I just feel like I’ve taken “one small step” from a WordPress perspective. I have gained a much better understanding of posts vs. pages. This is a post. Like all previous posts it goes into the stack of articles on this page. Each button below points to a page. Using pages I can offer you a much nicer browsing experience with my book chapters.

I’m not an idiot and understand you all know how browser buttons work. You would get the hang of it without any instruction. But, as a youngster in the old-timers generation (A.K.A the baby boomers) I believe instructions are helpful. So very briefly, below you see three link buttons. The first takes you to the previously posted chapter. The next button takes you to the first introduction of my novel Mirror Mirror. And the last takes you to the newest chapter. On each of the chapter pages you will see similar buttons. The middle Home button on those pages takes you back to this page, with the latest posts.

So without further ado Chapter 5.

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