Steaming Alternatives

Hello faithful followers. I appreciate every one of you. I have been slammed this past week but I want to take a moment to do a quick review of two streaming services you may enjoy.

The first is Angel Studios which can be found at This is the home of the epic series, The Chosen. But it is also the home of many other shows for young and old. While The Chosen is an amazing depiction of the life of Jesus of Nazareth, Angel Studios offers so much more than religious content. It offers a wide range of programming for the entire family from animation for the kids to clean comedy for all of us.

To single out The Chosen, this is a wonderful departure from previous attempts to tell the story of Jesus. Jesus doesn’t say “thee” and “thou”. He and all the characters speak as we ourselves do, except maybe for the Jewish references. Created and directed by Dallas Jenkins, Jesus (played by Jonathan Roumie) becomes the God-man I never experienced before. And the disciples are such a ragtag group of infighting misfits, it’s a miracle Jesus chose any one of them. The recurring line that impacted me unfolds something like this: A disciple comes to Jesus and says, “I didn’t expect you to make this choice”, to which Jesus responds with a chuckle, “Get used to it.”

The other streaming service is Pure Flix. From their site, the service allows you to, “Stream clean and enjoy access to thousands of faith and family-friendly movies, original shows, engaging documentaries and more”. I am still a newbie to Pure Flix but I am quickly falling in love. The love affair has been fueled by a brand new series, A Thousand Tomorrows, based on the book by Karen Kingsbury. While the first season is still being released, I’m a fan.

A Thousand Tomorrows is a rodeo love story. Cody Gunner is a champion bull rider. Ali Daniels is a champion barrel racer. Each has the love to compete and a reason not to fall in love with someone. Their secrets are too painful to share with anyone. But as you can guess, love doesn’t stop at painful boundaries. Love finds a way. It’s an amazing story and to tell you more might ruin the adventure for you.

There is plenty to watch for all ages. Tons of animation and movies for youngsters. Who remembers Veggie Tails? Bob the Builder, Inspector Gadget and more are on the way. For the older (OK, the mature) viewer, there more romance, drama and faith centered movies than you can watch in a year. I especially liked An Interview with God and need to watch it again. Seriously, if you were a journalist and received an invitation to interview God, would you pass it up?

As a recovering Netflix junkie, I will admit some of the movies seem to move rather slowly. It is an acquired taste. It is also a welcomed cleansing. I canceled my subscription to Netflix about a year ago. It became too worldly for me.

According to, there are currently over 200 streaming services. Some are genre based, such as Britbox that provides British content. (BTW, I love British mysteries. And if you want a comedy romance that will have you ROFL, check out Mum.) There are plenty of sports channels and services such as Hulu and Pluto TV are free, except for the annoying commercials. (Wait, over the air TV was/is like that.) My favorite channel in this group is Tubi because I can watch Midsomer Murders, the most convoluted British mystery show imaginable.

But if you are looking for wholesome, G rated programming the family can watch together (those of us over 65 remember those days), I urge you to consider Angel Studios and Pure Flix. Angel Studios is free. Seriously, it’s free. It is supported by 55,000 donors according to Pure Flix offers the first month for 99 cents. It is then $7.99 a month or $69.99 a year.

For those of you waiting to see what happens to Jerry, I promise I will post chapter 20 within a few days. Thank you for your faithfulness and patience. For those of you asking, “who is Jerry?”, check out Mirror Mirror.

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