What’s Next?

Photo by Marlon Trottmann on Pexels.com

My thanks to those of you who stuck with me while I put Mirror Mirror on the site. And my apology to those who couldn’t care less about Young Adult Christian Romance.

Starting with the “couldn’t care less” group, I will be covering more topics in the future. Mirror Mirror was a labor of love, partially to prove I could stick with it to the end.

To those who enjoyed Mirror Mirror, fear not for John. As one of our heroes, he will pull through. The real question is what happens to his desire to play College Basketball? Enough said, I am working on Broken Mirror and will update you as time goes by this summer.

To all of you, I will release large works (like the books) so you can browse through them and binge read. This will give space to normal blog posts.

Finally, I would greatly appreciate your participation through Survey Monkey. It’s my first use of a survey, ever! Only 10 questions and I turned on the “anonymous” switch. There should be no personal information coming my way.

About half the question deal with Mirror Mirror while the remainder will help me focus content on your interests. Sorry, no free-form comment boxes. That requires an upgrade.

So please, help me out at Survey Monkey.

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