The Power of Emotion

You’ve experienced it… you hear or watch a story and emotion wells up inside you. That emotion may be anger, or sadness, or joy. And there are times it is overwhelming.

The overwhelming nature of the story I shared last time is what prompted me to write and share the words. But a few hours later the rational part of my mind began to rethink the experience.

The story that was told spoke of an outcome that left the couple homeless and destitute. If you didn’t watch the video, they are literally hiding from federal marshalls. I can imagine myself in the same situation. Helping a friend, but in a way that violates laws. The friend is helped; no one was otherwise hurt or impacted; but the method used to help was illegal.


Then I also thought, this could be a hustle. What if this couple schemed this story and made the video with the intention of later asking for money. “Please send a donation to this Western Union destination.”

So I did some research and I am reasonably convinced this is not a scam. First of all, they have been making YouTube videos for over two years. Second, their Etsy site storefront is empty. Third, their last video was made seven months ago.

I believe this couple’s story is legitimate. But, that’s not the purpose of this post. I hope you consider the power of emotion and the fact that scammers use the power of emotion to hook you. That’s what happened to me. (Link) It was pure emotion (and some greed) that hooked me.

Any time you feel emotion welling up within you, put your brain into Rational Reasoning mode. It is the only way to balance emotions with facts. I admit it is really hard to do, but it is an essential skill to learn.

I hope this has been a helpful wake-up call for someone.

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