Mirror Mirror: Chapter 19

Unexpected moments. Near disasters. Life is unpredictable, true? How one reacts during a life-threatening situation says a lot about a person. One of our friends will have to act quickly.

Mirror Mirror: Chapter 18


Have you stretched a promise because you thought it would make a friend happy? The problem with stretching a promise is, the promise could break.

Mirror Mirror: Chapter 17

The best part of Sunday is lunch after church. What do you talk about when this was your friend’s first time at church? Who knows, your friend may start the conversation.

Mirror Mirror: Chapter 16

Welcome, all new visitors to my blog. I understand it doesn’t look like a blog right now. That’s because I am making my first novel available to you a chapter at a time. If you need to jump back to the beginning, I have a new page that makes chapter hopping easy. Just select the Mirror Mirror link in the menu above.

Driving to church shouldn’t be a challenge. Right… tell that to the mother of toddler twins. Rosa succeeded in getting Jerry and his dad to join everyone else this Sunday. What could possibly go wrong?

Mirror Mirror: Chapter 15

The first double date was great! What to do this time? Ella needs help. Hmm… Rosa’s got an idea.

Mirror Mirror: Chapter 14

When you need to talk something over with a friend, where do you want to be? Certainly not in the media room with the “big game” playing. Rosa thinks it would be nice to go to the park and talk with John.

Mirror Mirror: Chapter 13

Oops… I see my Chapter 12 post button are messed up. I’m fixin’ them right now.

Thank you all for checking out the latest chapters. We are well over half way through the book and it’s gonna start getting exciting.

Robert Frost wrote, “good fences make good neighbors”. Sometimes we need to build fences in our lives. We call them boundaries. Rosa needs to talk with Ella about her boundaries.

Mirror Mirror: Chapter 12

It’s really happening. Rosa is going to meet John. Mini golf sounds safe enough, but… Ella’s got a plan…

Mirror Mirror: Chapter 11

The last couple of weeks have been crazy. I won’t bore you with the details. I promise the next chapters will be posted in quick succession.

Rosa’s surprise for Ella on the bus turns into a surprise for both of them. Jerry has a brother? I think you can guess what Ella wants to do next…

Dreyer’s English – Book Review

I recently acquired the book Dreyer’s English by Benjamin Dreyer from a discount store. This edition is “Adapted for Young Readers” and I will add new/young writers. While recommended for writers 10-15 years old, this 67 year old, found it to be a fun, educational, and informative reference.

Consisting mostly of short examples, it is very easy to follow. Similar items are grouped together. The book is organized into two parts. The first part covers daily topics such as: When should I use a colon? Is that comma in the right place? Should I write out the number 34? And, do I really need to use the word really in my writing?

Part too includes homonyms that you often sea in the wrong place. There is a section on words that are easily confused. These can effect, or is it affect your writing quiet, or is it quite a bit. Again, most of the page space is taken up by clear examples.

I am so happy I stumbled upon this book. If you can’t find one at a discount price, the Kindle version is only $6.99. If you are intimidated by reading a book that targets young people, you can get Dreyer’s English (for grown ups) as well. I plan to use my copy on a regular basis.