Mirror Mirror: Chapter 25


How often has a good plan gone bad in your life? I know we all have memories of disappointment or failure. I hope you have never experienced a plan that became a tragedy. We know this can happen. But who would ever expect this to happen?

Mirror Mirror: Chapter 24

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When you were in school, was summer vacation a good time for you? Did you have a summer job during high school or were you able to do whatever? Our friends are at the end of their freshman year and are thinking of what they will do next.

Mirror Mirror: Chapter 23


Some conversations are just plain hard! We often shy away from the hard ones, don’t we? What’s harder for you? Talking with a friend? Talking with your significant other? Talking with your family? Let’s see how our friends handle it.

Mirror Mirror: Chapter 22

Holidays bring families together. There is fun and laughter, games to play, stories to tell, and discussions around the dinner table, Christmas tree, or fireplace. Sometimes those discussions can get deep.

Mirror Mirror: Chapter 21

Where is your “life spot”? I mean, you need to discuss life with your closest friends; where do you go? Jerry and Ella had life changes to talk about. They need to talk; John and Rosa need to hear.

Mirror Mirror: Chapter 20

Jerry was cut; he lost blood; he is unconscious. The unimaginable happened. Now what?

Mirror Mirror: Chapter 19

Unexpected moments. Near disasters. Life is unpredictable, true? How one reacts during a life-threatening situation says a lot about a person. One of our friends will have to act quickly.

Mirror Mirror: Chapter 18


Have you stretched a promise because you thought it would make a friend happy? The problem with stretching a promise is, the promise could break.

Mirror Mirror: Chapter 17

The best part of Sunday is lunch after church. What do you talk about when this was your friend’s first time at church? Who knows, your friend may start the conversation.

Mirror Mirror: Chapter 16

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Driving to church shouldn’t be a challenge. Right… tell that to the mother of toddler twins. Rosa succeeded in getting Jerry and his dad to join everyone else this Sunday. What could possibly go wrong?