Labor Day

Greetings readers. I am so happy to see new readers finding the blog. Thank you for taking a look, and thank you to those who have passed it along to friends.

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This is a short post to wish everyone a pleasant and safe Labor Day weekend. My mind always goes to the Star Trek economy where work and money are no longer essential, but each individual contributes to society as they reveal their gifts. We are, of course, not there, and frankly, may never get there.

Regardless of what you must do to earn money, I applaud you for the effort. Societies are built upon the labor, dedication, forethought, risk taking and perseverance of their citizens. So, thank someone you meet this weekend. They have contributed in some way just as you have. They should be honored.

And a special thanks to all who serve society as care givers, first responders, defenders of our freedom, and officers of the peace. Also, gratitude to our public servants, teachers, and religious leaders. These are difficult jobs from which we benefit greatly.

Each of you contributes in some way. There are no small contributions when we work to benefit one another.

Finally, I almost ready to post World Religions – Christianity. As with the previous posts, I am doing my best to provide accurate information in a caring and sensitive manner. I hope you all benefit in some way by these posts. Please let me know how these post influence your lives in the comments below.